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  • 5.75%

    Rate as low as

  • 10-25 years


  • $30K-$5M


  • 1 month

    Time to Fund

What are SBA loans?

A SBA Loan is a business loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). While these loans are issued by banks, private institutions or local firms, they are guaranteed or insured by the SBA to reduce risk on lenders and make them more available to you.

  • Possible flexibility due to COVID 19
  • Can be used for most business purposes
  • Funds guaranteed by SBA

Is an SBA Loan right for me?

What can an SBA Loan be used for?

These flexible loans can be used to expansion, construction costs, refinancing or purchases including land, equipment, supplies — even existing businesses.

Would I qualify for an SBA Loan?

This type of loan comes with different requirements for credit, cash flow and documentation but 1West is here to help; see below for specific details.

What types of businesses typically apply for SBA loans?

SBA loans are beneficial for both younger, growing businesses and established companies looking to maintain momentum.

More accessibility

Guaranteed by the SBA and often available for small businesses that don’t qualify for typical bank loans.

Small-business friendly

One of lowest-cost loans on the market with favorable rates and longer payback terms.

Flexible funds

Expand, refinance or make purchases including land, equipment, supplies — even existing businesses.

Cultivates credit

Build and improve your FICO score for more future lending options with better terms.

While SBA loans can be paperwork intensive, 1West experts specialize in streamlining your filing for faster processing and approval. SBA loans are one of the lowest-cost financial options on the market and are often available for small businesses that don’t qualify for normal bank loans. They can help build and improve your credit and provide you with a better access to funding in the future.


  • Favorable rates and longer term options
  • Multiple loan types to fit your business
  • Offer monthly payments, fixed rates, special-case principal forgiveness

Minimum qualifications

  1. 650 minimum FICO credit score
  2. 3+ Years in business
  3. Loans over $350,000 require real estate collateral

What you’ll need to apply

  1. Last 6 Months of Business Bank Statements
  2. Business Debt Schedule
  3. 2 Years Business Tax Returns
  4. Interim YTD Financials (Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet)

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“As a growing company, we need financing to maintain cash flow in order to cover a variety of business expenses. We are very grateful to 1West for providing short-term financing solution to us when we need it the most, helping us to improve our cash flow and grow our business further.”

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How do I apply?

Please go to apply.1west.com to apply and get options with a few clicks of a button.

What are the longest terms I can get for my loan?

Terms are based on overall business profile, however, 1West’s ABLE platform can offer up to 25 years where applicable.

What are the minimum requirements to apply for financing at 1West?

  • Completed Application
  • 3 Months of Business Bank Statements
  • $10,000 in monthly revenue
  • 3 Months in Business

Will a low credit score affect my chances of being approved?

While a low credit score may limit your financing options, 1West has the ability to get you financing within our ABLE platform.

How soon will I have access to my money after I’m approved?

Depends on the financing product and partner that you are paired with, however, we estimate it would take anywhere from 24-72 hours to receive the capital from receipt of initial required documentation. For our SBA product, it can take several days longer than that.

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